Resources For Camera Repair


Links to websites and companies that offer information, repair manuals, tools, lubricants, parts, and other supplies for repairing photographing equipment. Links will open in a separate browser tab.



Tools, Parts, Supplies

Micro Tools

Micro Tools sells a large selection of specialized camera repair tools, cleaning supplies, lubricants, and some camera parts.


Replacement Bellows by Sandeha Lynch

Custom-made replacement bellows for folding cameras and large format cameras.


DAG Camera Parts

Famed Leica repairman Don Goldberg sells parts for many classic cameras, not just Leicas.


Gres Camera Repair Tools

High quality, reasonably priced toolsfor the camera technician. Includes hard to find Japanese Cross Head screwdrivers, needed for servicing most Japanese cameras (Though Phillips screwdrivers look similar, they will damage Japanese Cross Headscrews used on cameras!).



Camera Covers and Replacement Leather

Hugo Studio

American supplier of replacement leather in many colors for a huge variety of classic cameras from the 1930s to the 1990s.


Aki Asahi

Japanese supplier of replacement leather for both classic cameras and modern digital cameras. Well known for his high-quality Leica coverings. Ships worldwide.



Tutorials, Repair Manuals, and other Information

Society of Photo-Technologists

SPT is an organization for camera repair technicians. Membership includes access to an extensive library of technical information.


How To Test Lenses (PDF)

An article from the old Modern Photography magazine showing how to test your lenses for resolution.


Lens Mount Register Distances List (PDF)

This is a list of mount register distances for most lens mounts that you will encounter. The register distance is the distance between the lens mount and the film plane in a camera. It is important to know the correct register distance for a camera because it is adjustable to correct for focusing accuracy problems.


Cosina Camera List

Cosina is a Japanese OEM manufacturer of mostly entry-level 35mm SLR cameras for many other companies, including major manufacturers like Canon, Olympus, and Nikon. This is a list of all the cameras made by Cosina, which is useful to the repair technician because most of them were built from the same basic design and share many of their internal parts.


Richard Haw's Classic Nikon Maintenance Site

Excellent tutorials on repairing Nikon film cameras. Also includes several "Camera Repair Fundamentals" tutorials that apply to any type of equipment.


The Olympus Hardware Resource Page

A huge archive of Olympus service manuals, exploded parts diagrams, and repair articles. Includes several good OM-System repair tutorials.


Arctic Wolf's Nikon Resources

A treasure trove of service manuals, brochures, and historical information on Nikon equipment from classic film cameras to digital.

Information on Graflex cameras, film holders, flashes, rangefinders, and lenses. The Technical Information page has some service manuals.


The Rokkor Files

A huge archive of information on Minolta equipment, especially manual focus gear.


What Was Up With Minolta And Capacitors?

An explanation of why so many manual focus Minolta cameras die because of failing electronic capacitors.


Orphan Cameras

Mike Butkus's site offering hundreds of free downloads of camera and other photo equipment manuals. Mostly users manuals; but he has some repair manuals, too.


Nikon Camera Repair Site

Tutorials for repairing Nikon cameras. Has info on classic rangefinder Nikons and both film and digital SLRs.


Contax 139 Resource

Information on the Contax 139. Includes service manuals, instruction books, brochures, and repair tutorials.


Yashica Guy

Tutorials for repairing Yashica rangefinder cameras. Also sells adapters to allow use of modern batteries in cameras designed to use mercury batteries.


Large Format Leaf Shutter Information

Technical information on leaf shutters used in large format lenses. Includes Compur, Copal, Prontor, Ilex, and Wollensak.


Retina Rescue

Chris Sherlock is a camera repairman in New Zealand who specializes in the repair and restoration of Kodak Retina cameras. His site has a number of repair tutorials that Mr. Sherlock has made for those wishing to repair their own classic Kodak cameras.


Mick Feuerbacher's Camera Pages

Repair tutorials for several classic film cameras. Also has a lot of other great information on classic cameras, darkroom work, and other photography topics.


Kiev Survival Site

Information on repairing Kiev 35mm rangefinder cameras from the Former Soviet Union.


Kiev 60 Repair Tutorial

Tutorial on repairing and calibrating the Kiev 60. Covers disassembly, shutter speed calibration, focus calibration, and exposure meter calibration.


Kenneth Olsen's Camera Repair Videos

Danish photographer Kenneth Olsen's YouTube channel shows how to repair many types of cameras and lenses, from classic film cameras to modern digital SLRs.


My Take On Photography - Lens Tutorials

A number of repair tutorials, mostly for classic manual focus lenses from Canon, Minolta, and Nikon.

Videos of a tech disassembling many different modern digital cameras and lenses.


Craig Camera

Sells reprints of instruction manuals and repair manuals for photographic equipment. If you cannot find a free service manual online, check here.


Legacy Canon Manuals

Instruction manauls, some service manuals, and other info on Canon film cameras.


Fix Old Cameras

A YouTube channel with videos showing step-by-step how to repair old cameras.


Graflex Parts

Parts and accessories for Graflex large format SLRs. Also offers repair and restoration services, new shutter curtains, and repair tutorials.


Minox Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Minox cameras.


Minox B Repair Page

Repair tutorial for the Minox B.


Collecting and Fixing Old Cameras

A large number of camera repair tutorials by Dan Mitchell. Dan has also given us permission to share a PDF version of his excellent book on How To Make New Bellows for folding cameras.


Max Vettore's Bronica Technical Resources

Bronica repair tutorials and technical information.



Other Photography-Related Sites

Chris Crawford's Photography Tutorials

Tutorials on photography techniques, exposure metering, film processing, scanning, digital printing, and editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.





Parts of a disassembled camera lens.

Parts of a Mamiya lens.




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