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Jupiter-3 Focal Length Adjustment


Jupiter-3 Focal Length Adjustment

This tutorial shows how to adjust the focal length of a 50mm Jupiter-3 lens so that it will focus accurately at all distances on a Leica screwmount camera.

The Russian-made screwmount rangefinder cameras and lenses used the same lensmount as the Leica, but a different focus calibration. This means that the lenses will mount on a screwmount Leica, but will not focus correctly. Adjusting the focus shims will only make the lens accurate at one distance; the focal length of the lens must be changed to make accurate focus at all distances possible on a Leica.

This tutorial was created by Brian Sweeny, a respected authority on repairing and adjusting the Jupiter-3 and other Sonnar-type lenses. He has generously shared it with us, along with several other lens servicing tutorials that he has written.


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