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Camera Repair Course

Lesson 3: Optics For The Camera Technician

The third lesson is an introduction to photographic optics. An understanding of optical principles is important, because you will be called upon to repair lenses, viewfinders, and other optical systems that require careful calibration to ensure accurate focusing and optimum image sharpness.

This lessons has three parts. There is the Study Procedures/Practical Assignment, the Lesson Text, and a Quiz.

As with all of the lessons, begin by reading the Study Procedures before going on to the Lesson Text. Complete the Quiz only after you fully understand the information in the text. The Practical Assignment in this lesson is optional.

The Quiz for Lesson Three is an online quiz. Click Here for the Lesson Three Quiz.



Lesson 3: Study Procedures and Practical Assignment


The Study Procedures and Assignment for Lesson 3
Lesson 3: Text


The text for Lesson 3

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