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Camera Repair Course

Lesson 8: Complex Escapement Retard Shutters - Part 1

This lesson introduces the "Complex Escapement Retard" leaf shutter.

This lesson has several parts:

Study Procedures: As with the previous lessons, you should read this first, before beginning with the rest of the lesson.

Lesson Text: The main text for the lesson.

Supplements: There are two supplements used for this lesson.

  • Copal #0 Service Guide
  • Prontor 511LK Programmed Shutter Service Guide

The Quiz for Lesson Eight is an online quiz. Click Here for the Lesson Eight Quiz.



Lesson 8: Study Procedures


The Study Procedures for Lesson 8
Lesson 8: Text


The Text for Lesson 8
Copal #0 Shutter Service Guide


National Camera Repair Guide
Prontor 511lk Programmed Shutter Service Guide


National Camera Repair Guide



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