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SPT Journal

The SPT Journal is a magazine published by the Society of Photo-Technologists, an organization of professional camera repair technicians. The Journal has in-depth articles on how to repair cameras, with many of the articles about a single model.

We're reproducing back issues of the SPT Journal from our collection, going back to the 1970s.

Please consider joining the Society of Photo-Technologists. Members have access to a large library of technical information that is updated frequently as new camera models are introduced.



SPT Journal: January-February 1972


Servicing the Petri Color 35
SPT Journal: January-February 1984


Minolta X-700, Minolta 50mm f2 MD, Minolta Autopak 450E
SPT Journal: July-August 1972


Repairing Printed Circuit Boards, Parts Directory
SPT Journal: July-August 1973


Business advice, Mamiya TLR Shutters
SPT Journal: July-August 1980


Olympus OM-2, Contax RTS, Canon F-1, Vivitar 35-80mm Varifocal, Minolta 110 Zoom, Yashica FR
SPT Journal: March-April 1970


Workshop practice and management
SPT Journal: March-April 1972


Servicing the Citizen leaf shutter used in the Petri 7s
SPT Journal: March-April 1984


Nikon FG, Olympus OM-G, Soligor Spotmeter
SPT Journal: May-June 1972


Servicing the Copal SVE leaf shutter in the Yashica Lynx 14E
SPT Journal: May-June 1984


Pentax Sport 35, Pentax Super Program, Pentax-A 50mm f1.4 lens
SPT Journal: November-December 1984


Canon T-50, Nikon FE-2, Nikon MD-12, Vivitar XV-1, Yashica FX-3
SPT Journal: September-October 1975


Minolta SRT-101 (Part II)
SPT Journal: September-October 1984


Canon New F-1, Canon AE Finder FN, Hasselblad 500c/m, Hasselblad A12



[16] Items





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