Quiz For Lesson 8:

Complex Escapement Retard Shutters: Part 1


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An inertia retard.
A spring retard.
An escapement retard with five gears.
An escapement retard with two gears.



Variable mainspring tension.
Changing the amount of retard lever travel.
An adjustable pallet.
Changing the tension of the leaf-lever spring.


The time lever is left out of the shutter.
The speed cam is prevented from rotating far enough to allow the time lever to move.
The time lever is held out of action by the release lever.
The time lever is held out of action by the bulb lever.




The Dial-Set Compur.
The Dakon Shutter.
The Supermatic.
The Rim-Set Compur.



Compur Dial-Set

Compur Ring-Set




At the same time that the first blade is installed.
At the pivot position next to the release lever.
Under the last blade installed.
Last, and on top of all the other blades.




The release lever.
The retard lever.
The pallet lever.
The blade-operating ring.


The pallet-lever spring is disconnected.
The retard-lever spring is disconnected.
The mainspring is disconnected.
The leaf-lever spring is disconnected.


Faster than 130.
Slower than 130.



A: 0-size Copal
B: 00-size Copal

Part 1: (Write in A or B) Vary the depth of engagement between the sync-drive lever and the main lever.

Part 2: (Write in A or B) Vary the spring tension of the sync-drive lever.



Copal #0
Prontor 500LK

Which shutter is the exception?


The main lever.
The cocking lever.
The leaf lever.
The retard lever.


The speed cam.
The diaphragm control plate.
The ASA setting ring.
The detent lever.


Flash Supermatic.
Prontor 500LK.


A: Holds the leaf-lever spring in either the closed or open position, but does not tend to move it.

B: Returns the leaf-lever to the closed position after being opened by the main lever.

C: Keeps the leaf-lever in contact with the blade-operating ring.





Prontor 500LK

Copal #0





Leaf shutter diagram.






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