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Camera Repair Course

Lesson 4: Photographic Techniques

This lesson gives you a basic understanding of photographic technique.

This is important for two reasons:

1: You'll need understand what customers are talking about when they complain that their camera is causing thier photographs to come out badly. This will help you determine what parts of the camera to look at as possible causes of the problem.

2: You'll need to test cameras that you repair to ensure that they are in proper working order. Some things can be tested using diagnostic equipment, like a shutter speed tester; but others will require you to actually use the camera to make photographs.

This lesson has three parts: Start with the Study Procedures, then read the Lesson Text. After you have read and re-read the lesson text and are confident that you understand it fully, then you can do the quiz.

The Quiz for Lesson Four is an online quiz. Click Here for the Lesson Four Quiz.



Lesson 4: Study Procedures


The Study Procedures for Lesson 4
Lesson 4: Text


The text for Lesson 4



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