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Camera Repair Course

Lesson 6: Introduction to Shutters

Lesson 6 introduces you to the basics of how leaf shutters work.

There are several parts to this lesson:

1: Study Procedures. Read this first.

2: Lesson Text. Read this several times until you fully understand all of the concepts taught in the text.

3: Lesson Text Supplement. In addition to the main text, there is a supplement text that shows shutters used in several older folding cameras.

4: Kodak Instamatic 100. This is the practical assignment for Lesson 6. Because the assignment is based on the long-discontinued Kodak Instamatic 100, you do not have to do the practical assignment. If you can obtain one of these cameras, then you would benefit from doing the work. The instamatic 100 is a simple camera, so it makes a good 'first time' camera to take apart. These cameras are very common and inexpensive today.

5: Instamatic 100 Supplement. More information for working on the Instamatic 100. Download this if you decide to do the practical assignment.

6: The Quiz.

The Quiz for Lesson Six is an online quiz. Click Here for the Lesson Six Quiz.



Lesson 6: Study Procedures


The Study Procedures for Lesson 6
Lesson 6: Text


The Text for Lesson 6
Lesson 6: Supplement Text


The Lesson 6 Text Supplement
Lesson 6: Instamatic 100 Text


National Camera Lesson for Kodak Instamatic 100
Lesson 6: Instamatic 100 Supplement


The Instamatic 100 Supplement for Lesson 6

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